Sell and Purchase

Jet Aero Fuels facilitates aircraft trading, through an established network of trusted contacts and takes care of all papers needed, for smooth, hassle free transactions. You can concentrate on what you do best, while we take care of all the details of an aircraft sale. Don’t hesitate to contact us, for more details.

Sale and Acquire

The world of aircraft sales can be intimidating, especially when taking into consideration all the different factors that are required. Jet Aero Fuels’ Sales and Acquisitions Department has a team of experts standing by to walk you through the research, saving you the hassle of negotiating on your own.

Whether purchasing or selling an aircraft, JAF can help you make sure that all maintenance logs, necessary certifications and any other documentation are in order to prevent any complications during the purchase or sale of your aircraft. Trust JAF to help you navigate, and you’ll find the aircraft sales process suddenly becomes much easier.

JAF Europe provides aviation services, globally directly or through our extensive network of partners.