At JAF we assists our customers in obtaining any necessary flight or landing permits that are required to legally fly their desired route. The extensive experience that our company has in international flight has been invested right back into our operations department, ensuring that you have 24/7 access to obtain any paperwork you might need before your departure.

Jet Aero Fuels facilitates aircraft trading, through an established network of trusted contacts and takes care of all papers needed, for smooth, hassle free transactions. You can concentrate on what you do best, while we take care of all the details of an aircraft sale. Don’t hesitate to contact us, for more details.

Sale and Acquire

The world of aircraft sales can be intimidating, especially when taking into consideration all the different factors that are required. Jet Aero Fuels’ Sales and Acquisitions Department has a team of experts standing by to walk you through the research, saving you the hassle of negotiating on your own.

Whether purchasing or selling an aircraft, JAF can help you make sure that all maintenance logs, necessary certifications and any other documentation are in order to prevent any complications during the purchase or sale of your aircraft. Trust JAF to help you navigate, and you’ll find the aircraft sales process suddenly becomes much easier.

Our global presence allows for pricing and transportation advantages that can’t be found elsewhere. Through our dedication to delivering a customized, comprehensive approach to refueling and other aviation services to our customers, JAF has created a unique global trading and supply network unlike any other. Please contact our Moscow’s team and we will always specify what our capacity is with regards to products we offer.

Oil Imports

One of the primary advantages of Jet Aero Fuels lies in our petroleum redistribution and transportation system. Because we have connections to so many different regions globally, we’re in a strategic position to know exactly the best way to take advantage of changes in surplus and deficit that may arise. The significant savings that are gained through this process can then be passed on to our clients.

JAF utilizes a variety of petroleum transportation methods to deliver our products from refineries, ports and large terminals to our own on-site storage facilities in order to streamline the refueling process for our customers. This complex system of pipelines, ships, railways and trucks work together seamlessly to deliver both fuel and savings to our client base in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Regardless of the transportation or storage methods used by our logistics network, we’re committed to meeting and maintaining strict local product specifications for every region in which we do business. Please contact our Moscow’s team and we will always specify what our capacity is with regards to products we offer.

JAF Europe provides aviation services, globally directly or through our extensive network of partners.

Fly With Us

Regardless of the preferred route or flight plan, JAF strive to ensure that our clients can travel safely and discreetly and, above all, can relax and enjoy their trip while we take care of all the details.

Jet Aero Fuels (JAF) is more than just a refueling company. We’ve also developed a strategic relationship with operators to deliver chartered corporate flights and refueling or ground handling services all with one phone call. This partnership provides a combined service package that allows our customers to not only charter flights, but also arrange for any other aviation services they may need in relation to that charter, and directly through JAF.

Working with operators allows us to continue providing an exceptional level of services in the business aviation industry.

Jet Aero Fuels is licensed and authorised to provide ground-handling services to our customers. This allows JAF to be your one-stop company whether looking for fuel delivery or taking care of your aircraft. The long-term relationships JAF has established with international handling agents worldwide provides us with a greater capacity for delivering innovative and flexible fleet-handling solutions to our client base that reach far beyond just refueling. From on-board catering to providing suitable crew accommodations, JAF is a leader for efficient organisation at multiple locations around the world, and across multiple aspects of the flight industry.

Additional services provided by JAF include ramp handling, cargo and baggage service, and VIP services complete with security agreements.

Our executive team handles multiple departments, from refuelling and fuel storage, to aircraft charters and sales.

Because we carry such a comprehensive array of flight-related services, we are able to make refuelling an easy transition rather than a complicated hassle.

For example, a single request to our operations department can line up a charter aircraft with fuelling and handling services. Working with other companies would require multiple calls and complex coordination to arrange for several separate vendors. Because we deliver a multi-faceted approach, and maintain our own fuel storage facilities, you’re able to get back in the air more quickly, with fewer complications and all at lower prices than the current competition.