About Us

Our experts are the foundation stones for our solid reputation as well as customized approach that JAF delivers to each and every client. An extensive global supply network allows us to provide prompt, efficient services from refueling to ground handling and charter flights nearly anywhere in the world.
Our services include aircraft refueling, anywhere around the world, complete ground handling, flight and landing permits, help in trading your aircraft as well as providing specific types of oil products with logistics for certain countries.


From early beginnings in a small Moscow office to the global presence we are today, Jet Aero Fuels (JAF) has delivered a fresh approach to aircraft refueling and flight services to satisfied clients around the world.
Growing from an initially Russian based market, our strong vision for a new refueling model (combined with plenty of hard work) helped expand our services all the way to Great Britain, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Although we’re proud of our traditional background, we’re constantly on the lookout for innovations that can help continue bringing cutting-edge excellence to our clientele.
JAF remains a forward presence within the aviation industry, offering a unique range of services when other companies stick just to refueling.

JAF Europe provides aviation services, globally directly or through our extensive network of partners.